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Specializing in Injury Rehabilitation and Recovery...Chronic Pain Management Therapy...Live a Healthy Lifestyle...Rebalance!

Thank you for visiting Rebalance Therapeutic Sports  Massage located in beautiful Carmel, Ca. If you are training for an athletic event, recovering from one, or just need to relax, this is the right place for you!
Rebalance Therapeutic Sports Massage prepares and gives athletes that extra competitive edge for sporting events, and aids in a quicker recovery. It also helps to prevent injuries and is a great tool for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.
This massage is not just for athletes. Anyone who routinely stretches his or her
physical limits through movement such as, gardening, to new mothers with small children, or those who are working in front of a computer in a high stress atmosphere can get relief from "Rebalance" Massage.
Sometimes small aches and pains literally creep up on you and before you know it, it is effecting your quality of life. Today, chronic neck, shoulder and low back pain are the leading cause of missed work. Rebalance Massage reduces, and in some cases, alleviates chronic pain so your body can function and move freely again. What does all of this mean? A much healthier and happier lifestyle!
"Rebalance" Massage is about balancing your body so you move more efficiently. It is a relaxing massage, with a focus on correcting muscle imbalances for optimum movement. A strongly holistic approach, that focuses on bringing the body back into balance, and offers a more satisfying long-term outcome, that ultimately can help prevent future recurrences of acute or chronic pain, and leads to more productive living.

On the other hand, this type of work is not your "standard" massage experience either.
I have specific training and work experience with people that suffer from neck pain, or whip lash, shoulder injuries, low back pain, hip pain, as well as, most sports injuries.
After determining movement and pain patterns, I customize each massage to fit
individual needs. 

Remember...this is about you...what are your goals?

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